Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease

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Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease.

Q: I found information on social media that says that pimples appear in different parts of the face. 

It can tell us what disease we have. Or which part of the body is defective, such as saying that the acne around the mouth by UFABET.

or the chin as a result of the reproductive organs. How true are these information?

A: Face Mapping is a new field of science. by analyzing skin condition with oriental science

which is one of the basic ideas that “Face can tell to the health within the body 

That affects the skin “so that acne occurs on our faces, it can be indicative of

Rough health within the body Can see what kind of health each person has and is prone to diseases as follows

left and right forehead related to the digestive system bladder and adrenal glands

Reason: because of high stress not clean face It may be due to too much foundation or eyebrow makeup.

Between the eyebrows, you may have trouble digesting lactose. (You may be among those who can’t drink milk.)

Reason: because eating spicy food or sleep too late

Both ears are related to kidney function.

Causes: Inability to rinse shampoo or soap completely, using too many cell phones, drinking too much coffee, alcohol, or eating too much meat. 

Or if there is a problem with clogge acne around the ears, it may indicate. That the molars have a problem. Or have you just had dental surgery? Or it may cause by having a menstrual cycle.

cheeks on both sides 

The upper cheek is associated with the sinuses and lungs.

The lower cheek is associated with the gums and teeth.

Cause: heavy smoking or allergic to cigarette smoke, allergies, chronic colds or may use inappropriate blush and foundation 

But if it’s deep wrinkles around the cheekbones It may indicate lung or breathing problems. If you have pimples that come and go on your lower cheeks

May have problems with gums and teeth. or the mobile phone is not clean

Both eyes 

are involved in kidney function. allergy problems

Cause: Cosmetics used may not be suitable for your skin type. or wear glasses. That are very satirical Dark circles may be caused by 

Have a lot of toxins in the body or have little rest. If the eyelids irritate. It may be due to allergies. or lack of nutrients

nose and above the lip Associated with the functioning of the heart and the reproductive system.

Cause: If there is a dark red skin on the nose. May indicate hypertension. blockages or uneven skin tone

Tell about the effects of hormones such as menstruation – menstruation, menopause, use of birth control pills

under the left and right lips related to ovarian function

Cause: May not be cleansing enough or from lack of hormonal balance.

The tip of the chin is associate with the stomach and small intestine.

Cause: May eat too spicy food until the intestines become ulcerated. or have problems with absorption