Vieira shook his head Crystal Palace indifferent.

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Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira admits he was disappoint in the defeat. Especially the rhythm of the end that is not decisive.

The Eagles defeated Arsenal 2-0 in their opening game of the 2022/23 Premier League season on Friday. Giving Palace a start with a defeat.

“We created two very good scoring chances and we couldn’t take them. In this game you are severely punished. Of course I was disappoint because we should have scored. UFABET Even though we didn’t create a lot of chances. Vieira said.

“Football is a game about trying to score goals and we fight against good teams. It’s really difficult to dominate the game against teams with good players. we own the ball We have the rhythm but not many opportunities. 

“At a crucial moment We couldn’t score goals to get the fans cheering and building momentum. This is something we must continue to work on.

“I am satisfied with the level of fitness. The physical condition of the players We work hard until the end. You have to run hard in duels with those teams. We have to be optimistic because neither side creates many opportunities. You have to score goals when you create small chances.”