Nagelsmann gives a thumbs up for Bayern Munich form.

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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann praised the team’s performance in the past football match. Especially the first half that showed a lot of good things.

The Tigers invade Eintracht Frankfurt Came out with a score of 6-1 in the first match of the 2022/23 Bundesliga season on Friday night. Make the former champion debut with a beautiful victory.

After the game, the 35-year-old stated that the game was “very good”. Especially the first 45 minutes, and also praised Sadio Mane’s performance in the past game.UFABET Which scored one goal and provided an assist.  

“You expect a lot of things, in the first half our energy was incredible.” Nagelsmann said.

“In the second half it was normal for us to be exhausted. It also includes smart moves when you consider the program over the next few months.

“Smart idea for football. In the first half is a game that is very interesting to watch. We have an attacking line that changes all the time, and Mane has given us a lot of flexibility. It was impossible to defend each time. There is great energy in our camp and you can see that in the team’s performance.”

“We had much stronger possession on the ball than against Cologne, the structure of the game was good. The press counter is good. Win more ball fights and have a lot of chances. The backup also offers more power. It was a well-deserved victory.”