Mikel Arteta confirmed that Arsenal market is still not dead.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists he and the club are still looking to add to the squad this summer. The Gunners thumped Crystal Palace 2-0 in their opening game of the 2022/23 Premier League season on Friday. Giving the Gunners all three points they need.

“We will try (in the transfer market) Now we have something to go on. And if we can get them that would be great. But for now We have to work with the players we have in the team.” Mikel Arteta said

“You need balance because if you’re playing this game in an unprepared state. UFABET It will appear in the game. Having a defender in the right shape and size is very important in a game like this. 

“That’s the recovery we need to win football games and see them go through. Aaron Ramsdale did an incredible job in one-on-one situations and helped us win the match.

“One of the set-piece coaching staff laid out a daily training regimen for the first goal we scored. We were just training yesterday. Gabriel Jesus has a thing called harassment. he is always near you He never stood still. He’s always on the move and he’s sharp. He has instincts without the ball. So it’s hard to prevent.”