Frenkie Daily! Recently agreed to reduce wages at Barcelona.

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Frenkie de Jong is still in the news daily. With the latest in Sport reporting that. The player is willing to take a pay cut in order to stay at Barcelona this season.

The situation of the 25-year-old midfielder has been of interest throughout the transfer market. Media outlets across Europe reported that. Manchester United tried to negotiate a deal. But failed because the player refused to join the team.

There is also Chelsea, who has emerged as a key character now being linked by media outlets trying to negotiate a deal for De Jong.

Azulgrana wants to keep the Dutch player in the team as well. UFABET But the problem of wages. Which cannot be discussed or agreed to be reduced. Causing news to move the agency every day.

Recently, Sport stated that the situation Going to Barcelona. Because De Jong is now lenient and ready to reduce wages to stay at Camp Nou.

Spanish media reports said the matter should become clear within the next week. The club are pressuring De Jong to cut wages to process player registrations before the La Liga debut.

Although Barca have not ruled out a chance to let Frenkie leave the team, the situation now believes the players are ready to look at alternatives to lower wages in order to stay at the club. Because it is seen as the best solution.

De Jong’s side clearly wants to continue playing for Azul Grana, but the problem in the past is wages. The player representatives still did not accept the wage cut offer from the club. Yet, according to a report on Friday, the situation is going to be fine