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Symptoms of athlete’s foot and how to treat yourself

Advice on how to take care of patients with ” Athlete’s Foot ” in flood-affected areas or there is flooding. Which is consider a disease that people should not ignore. And should have knowledge and understanding of self-care in the right way to reduce. The occurrence of serious complications to be follow 

Where does the “clap-clap” sound in the knee come from?

The most popular question in the orthopedic department is where does the crackling noise from the knee come from? If anyone wants to know the detailed description, come and read it. Causes of cracking sound in the knee Dr. Kriengsak Lek Krua Suwan Doctor who specializes in orthopedics According

10 occupations at risk of chronic muscle pain

10 occupations at risk of chronic muscle pain. Did you know that occupation also plays a role in determining your future health? with various risk factors of the occupation. Allowing us to predict in the future you are at risk of developing any diseases, for example, working in

Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease

Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease. Q: I found information on social media that says that pimples appear in different parts of the face.  It can tell us what disease we have. Or which part of the body is defective, such as

Good ideas deciding buy cosmeceutical products

Good ideas for deciding to buy cosmeceutical products 1.Safety: Choose a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. Famous big companies There would be enough capital to invest in research and testing of various substances. to be used in the product. Therefore, we can be confident to some extent

Tighten facial skin, say goodbye to sagging

Tighten facial skin, say goodbye to sagging If time could turn back, many women. Would want their facial skin to as youthful. When they were young. flexible facefirm, smooth and wrinkle-free But as the days passed, the firmness of the face gradually decreased.according to the gravity of