Eye diseases that are often found in office workers

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The working style of most office workers Still working seamlessly with digital devices like computer screens. Moreover, users continue to consume digital media without care during their free time. Whether it is consuming online entertainment media such as watching movies, playing games, or using various social media platforms, both pairs of eyes are always the medium โปรโมชั่น ufabet for sending images to the nerve parts of the brain. If consumers use their eyes to consume media too much It can cause tired eyes, leading to vision problems such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, and premature  farsightedness.

 People who perform vision correction such as nearsightedness treatment Most of them had the same opinion about basic vision correction. Sufficient for eye care In fact Other components of the eye also contribute to the burden of using eyesight without finding sustainable ways to care for the eyes, such as eye pain, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue, and other side effects that lead Leading to 4 main eye problems: 

1. Degeneration of the vitreous humor in the eye

Vitreous Degeneration is a condition directly affect by an eye accident. Ready including surgery The deterioration of the vitreous state of the eye with age and nearsightedness.

In the initial stages, the vitreous body will clump together and turn into dark spots inside the eye components. Retinal The patient’s condition will be seen as if there are cobwebs floating around. And saw a bright light like a flash At night. The eyes cannot see shadows in dark areas. If eyesight is not taken care of The blood vessels used to transport fluid in the retina may be torn. Can lead to blindness. 

2. Nearsightedness and astigmatism

Myopia and Astigmatism are conditions that are affected by inherited recessive genes. Premature birth or doing visual activities such as focusing on images for too long Or using the eyes to look at various digital media. The patient’s condition is not able to clearly see objects in the distance. Blurry vision occurs, leading to eye pain, eye fatigue, and using the muscles in the eye to focus more than usual. 

In general, nearsighted patients There is a chance of being affected by astigmatism. It is a result of the corneal components being curvatured asymmetrically. This causes the refraction of light to not be perpendicular to the visible image. Sometimes causing cataract patients to tilt their necks. so that the image in front is perpendicular to each other If eyesight is not taken care of May cause blurred vision in the initial stages. The proteins that nourish the lens of the eye deteriorate and become small , tiny spots and may accumulate into large clumps that can lead to eye diseases such as cataracts .

3. Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that results from focusing your eyes on screens that contain blue light for too long. The patient’s symptoms will Symptoms include dry eyes, burning eyes, eye irritation, eye pain and headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain from not being able to move and change postures. If your eyes are not taken care of. May cause astigmatism. This is because the light that is refracted in the eye lens receives too much blue light energy. It may cause the vision to not be perpendicular. It also causes dry eyes. Eye allergies and strabismus as well.

4. Macular degeneration

 Macular Degeneration is a condition affected by genetics. Entering the elderly state and the use of drugs such as smoking that affects the deterioration of retinal function In the initial stages, the patient has symptoms. Occasionally blurred vision Seeing distorted images Or there is a black spot in the middle of the image. Distorted color vision, such as seeing fabric that has faded in color 

If eyesight is not taken care of, the black part of the eye (Cornea) that serves as the clear point of vision in the center of the viewer will develop a faint black spot in the center of the image. The eyes cannot tolerate light. Although it is a condition that does not have as serious an impact as the other diseases mentioned above, patients suffering from macular degeneration should make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist for vision care as soon as possible.